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    Our focus as Paid Marketing services for Small Business

    Data Driven

    Call us today to ask about our strategies of bidding, automation, A/B split testing, visuals (image/video) and landing pages.

    Focused Results

    Tracking results is the foundation of any campaign. And, making it understandable for our clients is our responsibility.

    Customized industrial approach

    Independent industry needs independent strategy unlike others. We dive deep into your target audience, where are they situated and what they need.

    Why is paid media strategy in digital marketing important?

    40 %
    marketing experts find PPC campaigns benificial
    20 %
    visitors are more likely to purchase compared to organic ones
    0 /3rd
    customers click on paid ads as they fulfil user intent.

    Our focus as Paid Marketing services for Small Business

    • Extraordinary sales and ROI with brilliant PPC campaign
    • Cross Channel Plans: Network on multiple platforms
    • Valuable offerings:Help your audience learn and grow
    • Privacy: Your data is safe with us. Don’t worry.

    Leventor: PPC Company in Chandigarh

    0 X
    Long standing experience in high performance PPC strategy
    20 %
    Transparency in communication and accountability without any excuse
    20 %
    Extraordinary sales and ROI with brilliant PPC campaign

    Paid Media Strategy in Digital Marketing

    Google Adwords

    Advance your Google ads campaign with a difference that includes Search network campaign, display network campaign, shopping campaign, video campaign and app campaign. This will help you get leads and generate more traffic which ultimately results in good ranking on search engines. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dive in.     

    Facebook Advertising

    Target more sales with FB ads format like dynamic products ads, carousel ads, canvas ads, photo, video & slideshow ads. These ads have the capability to reach out to your accurate audience. This is because it lets you choose your audience’s location, age, demographics and behaviour. What other better way to boost your engagement. 

    LinkedIn Advertising

    LinkedIn Ads are tricky to implement.Thus, advised to hire a local PPC company. This can increase your brand awareness by targeting the right audience on the right platform . Whether to promote sponsored content or an InMail, we are happy to help with our expertise   

    Instagram Advertising

    Get featured on your target audience feeds and sell your most prominent product directly. Instagram has the highest engagement rate with a varied online community amongst all the social networks. So, why leave it? It’s time to get going with attractive visuals for your instagram audience.     

    Other Ad Management:

    We offer a whole different strategy for paid marketing service for small business, e-commerce sales with tactile measurable results. These are fulfilled with a proper sales funnel that stands up for the growth of your organization. We target a precise audience with perfect interest in your products with maximum returns. Moreover, we are well versed with the remarketing strategy that will help you in future.