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    Email Marketing Company

    Email marketing is the only constant way to educate your potential and existing customers in significant ways. Sure, not everyone in the industry is a master of this art!!  

    Why choose the best Email marketing services for small business?

    Offers Personal Touch

    An email directly lands in your customer’s inbox offering him/her purposeful information that they signed up for. This will increase your click rates and conversion rate.

    Target the Right Audience

    Many of the emails are never opened because they are not delivered to the right audience. We do not make that kind of mistake.

    Bespoke Industry

    The email designs are planned with curated visuals, templates, content which is highly suitable to your industry. Many companies tend to skip this personalized approach.

    Automated Email Marketing Service Provider

    Email Marketing has taken a step forward with automation that cannot be ceased. The companies look forward to adapting this automation due to improved customization, accessibility and statistical models. The other benefits that it offers are:

    • Customer Retention
    • Reduced Time Consumption
    • Trackable Statistics
    • Customer Engagement

    Content driven and responsive Email marketing service provider

    Content marketing strategies are very important for a high click through rate (CTR) conversion campaign. Content like user generated content, surveys, pools are highly influencing and perform very well on mobiles. This results in responsive emails and they are best handled in Leventor- identified as a proven Email Marketing company. 

    Drip Campaign

    These campaigns are easy to understand and difficult to implement. You can end up losing your money, if not experienced. Whether it is a product/app launching email or welcoming email to a subscriber, the best Email Marketing Company always follows the best practices.  

    Email Segmentation

    It is the most used email marketing service for small business. The reason for that is, they focus on email lists based on location, audience interests, a past purchase, etc. This well organized data results in increased open rates by 203% .