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2 Billion unique users every year worldwide. 80 distinct languages in 100+ countries. Second most popular video content sharing website. 1 Billion videos watched every day. Don’t you think it is a perfect platform to market your product/service?

Benefits of focusing on your Youtube Marketing Strategy

Video Grabs Attention

Attractive and creative visuals are always easy to capture attention. Moreover, videos with personal concern are 1.6 times important to visitors.


Elevated ROI

Since last year, there has been a 64% hike in audio-visual content. This attracts a huge amount of audience and an increase in return on investment. So, stop wasting your money by investing in unwanted resources and go for Youtube Marketing with a trusted company in Chandigarh.

High traffic opportunity

With about 2 billion new sign-ins each month,you can magnetise a huge amount of traffic. This type of reach is beyond normal TV ads. So, do not miss the chance to advertise with the best Youtube marketing agency in Chandigarh


Hike up your search engine results

Your youtube videos are also featured on search engines if you optimize it for SEO. Guiding your viewers with the right information in video title, subtitles, tags, thumbnails, description, captions, category will lead you to rank on SERP.

Viral Marketing

Viral videos build trust and credibility amongst your viewers and customers. Make a content oriented video that provides value and entertainment to your viewers.

Interactive content on Social Media

Youtube marketing also increases your social shares. You can also promote the videos on social networks that add value in your viewer’s life. This can be fulfilled with the help of social media marketing strategies.

Explore why Online Visibility is important for your business?

Leventor- Youtube Marketing Agency in Chandigarh

We are a full service digital marketing company with unique youtube marketing strategies for your channel. Choosing an agency can be a lot more difficult. Well here are the factors that we focus on becoming the best youtube marketing agency in Chandigarh

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    Other services than YouTube Marketing Strategy

    Leventor is defined as a full service digital marketing company in Chandigarh. Reasoning it provides a wide range of services apart from Youtube Marketing. They are as follows:

    Brand Positioning

    Social Media Marketing

    Social Media is a platform through which you can reach zillions of customers. Missing out your presence on Social Media can be an incredible loss to your brand. This best digital marketing company in Mohali can increase your brand awareness. This will not only improve your brand loyalty but also result in healthier engagement and user satisfaction.

    Leads Generation

    Paid Marketing

    Paid Marketing is proof of getting qualified customers in a short time span. This paid marketing is likewise referred to as PPC. It includes advertisements on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and even on Google. We are the Best digital marketing company in Mohali that can run your paid advertisement campaigns.

    Brand Positioning

    Brand Marketing

    Branding is one way through which you can convey your aims, vision & mission. It is the ultimate way to opt for a unique and cultural state-of-art. It includes advanced activity that will set an impeccable impression of your brand. Leventor is one such digital marketing company in Chandigarh that will help you connect with your customers.

    Leads Generation

    Search Engine Optimization

    At present, SEO is #1 priority by digital marketing professionals. This is the most affordable way to drive maximum web traffic in all the industry verticals. In the pile of numerous sites on the search engine, we help you to shine bright on result pages