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Webinars are an essential source of information for your online audience. Understand many more interactive elements and conventional ways with hands-on webinar online marketing services in Chandigarh.

Connect with the World on the best online webinar platforms



Accomplish all your corporate business needs with a package of video conferencing tool. This includes live broadcasting, integration, connectors, whiteboard features and security. Zoom is named among best online webinar platforms.


Microsoft Teams

Collaborate with colleagues and partners on Microsoft Team. Enjoy the integration with Office 365, meet your compliance requirements, manageability and many other features.



Carry on with your online training, meetings, collaborations, presentations on WebEx. It is prominent for file sharing between the process and well as automated invite calls to attend the session.

Explore why Online Visibility is important for your business?

Leventor-Best Online webinar services for Business

Webinars nowadays have become a lot more essential than ever in imagination. In this changing nature of mother earth, digital marketing has a lot of contribution to it. For the same, online webinar services are worthy of high regards. As Chandigarh’s best Online webinar services for businesses, we have been there and made a difference. So, here is what we do differently:

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    Organizing a webinar can be a hefty process. Moreover, it is always a bonus to have professional help. A trustworthy and authentic online webinar service provider should be able to lead the way at every foot step. Aforementioned, we are highly experienced experts. Our primary focus is on the diversity and uniqueness of your representation.

    Brand Positioning

    Schedule your event

    We have access to expertise in scheduling your top-to-bottom online webinars, meetings, conferences and sessions. We are here to offer our best practices on technical troubleshooting, engaging the audience and the latest trends in online marketing. This will not only increase your brand awareness however prevent from making mistakes.

    Leads Generation

    Limitless audience

    Limited viewer capacity is always a barrier when hoping to engage with a large audience. Leventor wishes to lift this barrier by offering up to 5000 participants in your live webinar. This will help you deliver your message out loud to a large audience and help well in your brand identity and brand positioning.

    Brand Positioning

    Digital/Web Promotion

    Assisting your content to a wide-reaching platform through digital marketing will be furtherance to brand. This promotion will take place worldwide through social networking platforms, emails, and other marketing tactics. This will make it easier for your potential audience to view your content.

    Leads Generation

    Other offerings

    Other mainstream advantages on working with us are live streaming, all in one integrations, recordings, file downloads and much more. We can definitely talk over a call for other key services.